Digital Photo Computer Wallpaper Desktop Screensaver - Canberra National Library Australia
Digital Photo Wallpaper Desktop Screensaver - Canberra National Library

Patriotic Digital Photo for your Computer - Turn your computer Desktop or laptop into a work of art! The National Library of Australia in Canberra is the largest reference library in Australia. In 2019, the National Library collection comprised 6,496,772 items, and an additional 15,506 metres (50,873 ft) of manuscript material! A worthy addition to your computer screen!The present library building was opened on 15 August 1968 by Prime Minister John Gorton

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    UHD (3840 x 2160) Great for Computer, Laptop, Small, TV's, Phone and Tablets.

    This sizing is standard for most modern screens, but f you require a more rectangular version to suit just ask, and we will supply

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Collect more or the series and create a slideshow or screen saver on you PC Desktop, Office Screen or TV at home.

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Canberra National Library Australia - PC Computer Wallpaper