The Stunning Weeping Willow (Salix Babylonica)
What pond or riverbank is not completed by this incredibly beautiful tree! With it's soft drooping branches and amazing shade features.

Great as a full sized tree by the pond, centre place in your lawn, in a pot or even as a bonsai tree. The beautiful Weeping willow is perhaps the most distinctive willow tree species. A super fast growing and spectacular shade tree. The leaves provide a good reserve of feed for stock when pastures are dry. Also very suitable to Bonsai!

If the tree is not available, you can RESERVE your stock for the next batch (Normally 4 - 6 Weeks) or NOTIFY, to be notified when the come in. (Willows are very popular, so we suggest to buy or reserve your stock when possible) Stock can be picked up from Murray Bridge or delivered / freighted for cost.

Weeping Willow Tree