Answers to your storage and parking questions!

Frequently asked questions

What Payment Terms Do You Accept?

We can accept Credit Cards, Pay Pal and Bank Transfers.

How do I Cancel The Rental?

You can cancel your storage anytime after your minimum period. (Selected at sign up)

Just notoity us and your cancellation will be within 24 hours, with your last day being the next 7 day roll over period. You can also cancel yourself via your dashboard!

What Access Do I have?

Access to the storage facility is daylight hours only without permission. You can visit after dark no problems, providing management have been notified and they have confirmed your visit.

Call 0437 76 3000 or Use the CONTACT on this website
(You must recieve conformation first before access)

This is to avoid alarm triggers and/or the police or security being called. A security call out fee of $85 may apply for unauthorised night access. This is for the safety of YOUR GOODS!

OPTIONS | What is a Dedicated Camera?

As an option at sign up, a DEDICATED CAMERA is available meaning you will have access to a live streaming video camera feed, that focusses on your vehicle. You can log in and check your van or boat 24 hours a day (Even at night). Have peace of mind being able to check your vehicle remotely!

Also great if you have sent a third party person down to the storage facilty and you want to watch the "hook on" or want to see exactly whats going on live!

Can I Put A Trailer & Car in One Bay?

YES you can! Providing that they both fit in the bay, it's fine! a 6x4 Trailer should easily fit behind a car in an undervover (or outdoor bay)

Can I Stay Overnight In My Van?

NO Sorry! This would breach all our security protocols! We are looking at setting aside land outside the yard in the future.



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