If you're looking for storage near Mount Gambier, visit our Modern, purpose built, undercover storage and parking for your Caravan, Motorhome, Boat or RV, so close to the Mt Gambier and surrounds! When looking for a place to store your prized possession, we urge you to consider the benefits of storing with us at the brand new, Limestone Coast Self Storage facility in beautiful Millicent!  A short & beautiful  drive from the Mount! Many of our clients come from Mt Gambier, Beachport, Kingston and Robe because it's much cheaper and "oh so close"! Plus they know how much we care and offer a flexible approach to your storage needs!  

How often do you access or use your van or boat in the off season?
So why compromise?

We already know you like to travel! So here's a few extra reasons we think you'll like!


Keep this website handy! www.mountgambierselfstorage.com.au



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  1. Super Close to Mount Gambier
    (A Short 30 Min Drive and beautiful!) See Map


  2. Nothing Compares!
    (Only dedicated Van & Boat Storage Facilities near the Mount)


  3. Cheaper Than Mount Gambier
    (Even if the Mount had a facility like this... we'd be cheaper!)

  4. Mates Rates for Mount Gambians!
    (Ask about our 20% off deal for Mt Gambians Only!) See More deals


  5. No Industrial Pollution or Salt Spray!
    (Our facility is away from Industrial Areas, Busy Roads and Coastal Area)


  6. More Like A Community!
    (Half the fun of caravanning is being able to access your van easily!)

  7. On The Road To Everywhere!
    (If you holiday in SA or even the East, we are on your way through!)

  8. Huge Parking Bays 3.5W x 3.5H x 9D

    (Super easy Reversing for big & small vans)

  9. Huge (20 Metre) Turn Out Space 

    (Super easy & Straight Reversing)

  10. Rooftop Skylight (Solar) Panels 
    (Built in to help your solar system remain operative all year)

  11. Extra High Colourbond Fencing
    (Out of Sight.. out of mind!)

  12. Cloud Based 24 Hour CCTV
    (Means our security surveillance is instant & not stored on property)

  13. Bitumen Road Access 

    (1 Minute to town and on the Mt Gambier / Beachport rack!)

  14. Extra High for Motorhomes

    The list goes on and on...

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