Dead Gum Abstract Against Blue Skies - Digital Photo Wallpaper Desktop Screen
Digital Photo Computer Wallpaper Desktop Screensaver - Dead Gum Abstract
Abstract Gum Tree Digital Photo for your Computer Wallpaper Screen

The Mallee is the growth habit of certain eucalyptus species that grow with multiple stems springing from an underground lignotuber, usually to a height of no more than 10 Metres. Some of which, grow as single-stemmed trees initially, but recover in mallee form if burnt to the ground by bush fire. Mallees are the dominant vegetation throughout semi-arid areas of Australia with some reliable winter rainfall. Within this area, they form extensive woodlands and shrublands covering over 250,000 km2. Hence The Mallee is considered one of Australia's major vegetation groups!

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Dead Gum Abstract Against Blue Skies - Digital Photo Wallpaper Desktop Screen