Green Waste Garden Trailer Hire (7x5 Cage) - Includes Dumping

Green Waste Garden Trailer Hire (7x5 Cage)

Imagine if you could fill this caged trailer with all your GREEN WASTE OR GARDENING CUTTINGS and get it delivered to your home, then have it picked up, without having to drive and unload it at the dump it or pay for the high dumping fees! Well here it is!!!

All this for $129!

Fill up the trailer to the top and we do all the work! If you were thinking about hiring a trailer or paying dump fees, think again! Rid your yard of that Green Waste in an environmentally friendly manner? Getting rid of Garden Waste has got very expensive to dump! If you're busy in the garden this weekend, or a professional Gardener offering Gardening, Clean Ups, Rubbish Removal, Branch Lopping, Pruning or Green Services etc to your clients, we take all the hassles out and save you huge dumping fees for all your GREEN WASTE! Let us do the work!

Compare this to hiring a trailer, petrol and dumping fees!

Delivery to your home / business (See Areas)
Collection from your home / business
All Dumping / Cleaning Fees

Great for Garden Cutting & Branches

Much cheaper & more convienent than Skip Bins
Much cheaper & easier than hiring a trailer and paying dumping fees!

Includes Weekend or 7 Day Hire!

Visa, Cash, Pay Pal, Eftpos or COD.

Note: Suitable for GREEN WASTE ONLY! No commercial sized logs and branches.
No Soil, General waste, hard rubbish, concrete, asbestos etc.
See Delivery Areas.  Locations & Days: See also General Waste Options Options.

Green Waste Garden Trailer Hire (7x5 Cage) - Includes Dumping